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Born in the USA, to Brazilian / Guatemalan Parents, I grew up in 3 different cultures. My background significantly influences my outlook in film, design, and how I see the world.

I recently completed additional training in Production Design at the HFF in Babelsberg, Germany, where I worked as Production Designer on 5 Films, and assisted on many more. In the USA, I worked on low-budget films as Production Designer, and assisted on many art departments, including on 2 major film productions at Studio Babelsberg in 2013.

Ideally I’d collaborate with directors and writers who would like to maximise or emphasise the settings through production design. I am also interested in the development of concepts in story-telling, and directing as it relates to space.

My goals is to develop as an international Production Designer, working in Germany, Brazil, and the USA. I would like to focus on unexpected personal / independent story-telling that reveal outsider points of views, however I also am interested in commercial work to be able to support myself and travel. Additionally, I am also interested in designing productions in other mediums that incorporate story-telling: theatre, performance, interactive art pieces, pop-up installation, etc.

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